values based budgeting

Over the course of the last few years I have made some serious changes to my relationship with work, money, spending, and financial security. I am no authority on accounting, debt, or finance, but I have developed a system that allows me to be objective about my financial situation and to make choices that are aligned with my values. I developed this system for myself and have shared it with many friends and family that find it to be useful. 

In a Values Based Budgeting session, we will go over your income and expenses. I will create a google sheet template for you that you can use on a monthly basis to determine your budget and throughout the month to check in on your status. I will teach you how to use it and adjust it according to your goals and values. Some people who use my system and tracker use it on a daily basis and some use it simply to guide their thinking throughout the month.

These sessions can take place remote over video chat or in person in my home studio or at

Inner Sense Healing Arts, both of which are in the Avondale/Logan neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

When you book, I will reach out via email to confirm your preference for location or a remote session. 

If you would like follow up support on using the tracker or updating it I am happy to help

through an additional in person session or remote for $20 per 30 minute increment. 

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