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let's work together for a season

the attunement incubator is personalized, one on one support, in a concentrated format.

It is universal truths tailored to your specific resonance. 


It is an acceleration of your deconditioning process.

It is an attunement to your own frequency, an investment in your own knowing, and an educational initiation into frameworks that serve as access points for more consciously witnessing your experience.

we are all having a universal shared experience of consciousness. we are also each having a completely unique version of that experience. at this particular moment in time, one of the collective themes is a feeling of “stuck”-ness. it is like we are living in between overlapping realities. there is a sense of urgency to get to what is next, but it is unclear how to get there, because it is unclear where we’re going. we are together in this transitory, liminal space, but each of us has our own route to take within this transition. 


your route is your frequency. as you consciously register the frequency that is you and soften (and sometimes less gracefully throttle) into alignment with it, you arrive to what is “next.” you usher in the “new world” as you arrive more fully to yourself. 


this season-long container is intentionally a one on one (and not group) experience, because the intention is for you to access the universal frameworks and languages that i utilize in the specific and differentiated ways that most resonate with your design, your astrology, your experience, your life, your energy.


in three+ years of working with people in one-off one on one sessions, i have found that even just a small dose of seeing oneself through the lenses of astrology and human design can have profound, life changing impact. i have also found that the more one is able to integrate these languages in their own way, according to their own perspective, with less reliance on another being to be the sole interpreter, the more transformative the practices of working with these systems is. 

i am feeling called to work more closely and for a finite period of time with a smaller amount individuals so that i can focus my attention more intentionally on a few people’s process and offer more powerful, concentrated impact in return.


you are your own clear channel, your own best teacher, and you do not need me at all. However, if you feel called to engage with me en route to more deeply trusting yourself, i would love to offer my own awareness and gifts as a bridge in your process. 

why was the attunement incubator created?

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what does kelsey bring (& not bring) to the equation?

my energy is not good at or interested in hand holding. instead, it comes through in strong, potent bursts that will provoke emotional truth, disrupt stagnate patterns, and initiate you into your next phase of personal mutation. there will be no looking back! what becomes illuminated will not be able to be unseen. this is a permanent attunement. you will be changed by what comes through in our time together. 


i am not a coach. i will not necessarily be providing clear cut steps, homework, strategy, or particularly "practical" guidance or advice.


i am a teacher. I will teach you the languages of the cosmos and of the frequencies of consciousness as i work with them, and help you to access your own fluency. 


i am a channel. i invoke the clarity of perspective offered within the akashic records and translate energetic frequencies into the words that will carry the most immediate and relevant impact for you.


i play a supportive and initiatory role in your process of attuning and then repeatedly re-attuning to your own energy.

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the logistics

as the logistics for the attunement incubator program crystalize in my own incubation process with it, i'll share details with those on the waitlist. for now, imagine three months of:

  • regular 1:1 calls (some video, some voice-only)

  • access to group office hours & forecasting sessions presently only available to patrons for additional educational questions, reflections, contextualization, and integration time

  • access to my monthly live & recorded workshops to enhance the educational component of our time together


sign up for first dibs once the incubator doors open - only a few will enter at a time.