astrology services

Your natal chart shows you your wholeness as well as the parts of wholeness that you are most oriented towards, and how.  

you are here because consciousness wanted to experience a very specific perspective through you. this perspective is very clearly and specifically outlined in the map that is your natal chart.


my role as your astrologer isn't to tell you something new. it's to help you remember what you already know. to sit with you as you come home to yourself, so that you can more easily and confidently live out and share the perspective you are here to have. 

during a one on one astrology session, we will converse with each other, combining the symbolism of your birth chart with the wisdom acquired from your lived experience in order to affirm, deepen, and stretch your understanding of yourself and your life. sessions usually begin with my asking you to share what has been on your mind and what you are curious about exploring with astrology, and we co-create the experience from there.

in these sessions, i lean heavily on my teaching skills and resources, helping you to internalize the language of astrology in your own way. i share just as much about the "why" of what i'm saying as i do about the translation of the symbolism. rather than simply taking my word for it, you will leave our session with a clarity that is your own.

depending on your intention, level of astrology-knowledge, and on what comes through in the session, we might focus primarily on your nature / your chart, or we might focus intensely on the current expression of your chart that you're experiencing based on transits and other timing techniques. 

all readings take place remote, over Zoom, and can be recorded for your future reference. 

A NOTE ON PRICING: all of my offerings are available sliding scale. if you are interested in accessing these offerings at a lower rate, please see the framework and instructions on my economic justice page.

i open my books a few weeks at a time. if there is nothing available now, please check back soon. 

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