astrology services

the natal chart is a symbol of one's nature and a map of their potential. 

During an astrology reading, we will converse with each other, combining the symbolism of your birth chart with the wisdom acquired from your lived experience in order to affirm, deepen, and stretch your understanding of yourself and your life.

I offer various types of readings in effort to accommodate your intentions for the reading as well as your financial priorities. Please reach out if you are interested in booking a more comprehensive session but do not have the financial means. I am happy to accommodate in the months that my own financial situation is secure. Please note that the pricing for astrology readings may be higher than my other sessions because of the preparation time required.

All readings take place remote, over Zoom. Video and audio recordings of readings can be emailed to you after we meet.

A NOTE ON PRICING: All of my offerings are available sliding scale. If you are interested in accessing these offerings at a lower rate, please see the framework and instructions on my economic justice page.